Golf Cart ride

I took my daughter Ava for a golf cart ride around town. It was fun to see the look in her eyes seeing everything around her and just sitting next to me and enjoying the ride. I was beginning to wonder if it would make it back. Have been having some issues in keeping it charged and running enough. I am going to take it in to be checked out when I get my school money in a few weeks or so.

Ava loves riding on the golf cart enough that she will sit next to me and point out all of the things that she sees. She is quick to point out the other golf carts running on the paths and some of the animals in the backyards that we can see through trees. I like taking her, and she is usually good about sitting still. I know that we probably should have her in a car seat, but we don’t have the hookups for it and it’s a slow cart anyways. Emma could run faster than the cart on some days!

similar cart

This is what it sort of looks like. It’s not raised up….yet! I love taking the kids on the cart when it will stay charged long enough for a trip or two. I am going to convert it to an electronic speed controller to help with battery life. All in due time. The kids will like if more when we go to many places without having to worry about charging it!


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Working on many projects, one who loves to go hiking, cooking,and brewing beer among other things on my off days.

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