Trying to Freelance while working Full Time

I know that everyone has thought about cutting the strings from a 9 to 5 job and either working for themselves or starting their own start-up of some kind. It doesn’t matter if it was technology related or not. Look how some people left the technology sector to start a catering or restaurant business and succeeded!

Even with careful planning and finding a good freelance site or company, you have a better chance in making sure your skills are up to date and a desire to do what it takes to make sure you get the job through your proposal.

As a freelancer you have to figure that you are now your own Human Resources, CEO, Legal and Supervisor all rolled into one. This means that you have to do all of the legwork yourself now. Luckily there are a few tools that you can use to help with some of this process. is a good one to have preprinted online forms that you can use to deal with your W2’s, 1099’s and other governmental documents.

I have several proposals made through Which is a good site to get work and even to offer work. I believe that it helps to get some of your skills up to date and also gives you a chance to gain experience if you just out of school or just needing some extra money for a few things. is another site that has a chance for you to earn some great money. This site is more for those who rather work from home, but is still a freelancing site with a rigorous testing to base jobs or projects on. Employee’s are treated to having a good place to grow and learn, besides working from home and having a flexible schedule.

I do recommend that if your thinking about freelancing through any online sites, that you do make sure your skills are current and up to date. This means that if you have a certain programming language experience but it’s an older version, you might want to consider in learning the newer version or possibly become familiar with it.

I on the other hand, am trying to mainly make some extra money while still in school. Since most of my experience is limited for now, but I am a fast learner. I am finding that I do need more experience in freelancing, but also have the dilemma in I have worked for a company for almost 5 years now and can’t seem to break free from it. Even though I have a family I need to gain experience and the only way to possibly do that is by working through a temp agency and freelancing if the temp agency would allow it. Sometimes through a disclosure agreement it may not be possible. Remember to read the fine print to avoid confusion and possibly getting fired.


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Working on many projects, one who loves to go hiking, cooking,and brewing beer among other things on my off days.

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