Learning and looking for work.

I have found that by looking for work with limited experience, isn’t easy. I will admit to that. Not to mention that I do still have to brush up on some of my outdated skills. I know the old tags and even most of the new ones, yet I haven’t tried to make a page just using them. Usually I will modify a template or use a wizard of some kind. Most because its easier when dealing with a lot of pages. Even with PHP and XML and other web development languages its necessary to use a compiler with a cut and paste approach to creating web pages. Most developers don’t have the cross skills necessary to write the code in the first place. Which is why I am learning C++, Java, .Net and HTML5 and PHP to just keep current. I will mostly be focusing on C++ and Java for the most part. Java is so universal in being used for so many things it’s not funny. C# and C++ have to be told to work with others! Although C does have it’s benefits from not having to be totally used for web pages. One reason why most of the web browsers are in C to begin with. They handle the information better, albeit in a clunky fashion than Java could do.

With this information being told, how well does anyone know about what web pages really do behind the scenes? Not many, but it does make you wonder that not all of the pages are really coded in HTML but in some of the other programming languages. Hence why I am having a hard time in obtaining work and gaining experience. I have been going over some of the tags within HTML and HTML5 and not much has changed. I will never remember the color palette, that’s what the wizard is for! Even though I will be learning C++ in my next class, I will be checking out HTML in my spare time to catch up. I do want to some game programming, but might put a few on the web first to build up some interest and a portfolio to gain experience. I just want my foot in the door from a company to at least let me learn as I work and go from there.

This brings up another point. If I’m working and going to school, how do I gain experience? Well this has been brought up in one of my groups within LinkedIn about having hobbying experience and actual work experience. The trend that I keep seeing about this subject, even from other job search web sites(Dice.com, Careerbuilder.com, etc ). I honestly feel that having both is beneficial. I may like to code but not to the point where it’s all I do. I like to do things unplugged as well. Keeps me focused and not such a shut in when working on big projects or assignments.
How many others have had this problem? Many. There are a lot of people who have had this discussion and wondered about what to do with the self-taught experience. I even been hearing that those who attended online schools with a brick and mortar classroom, their degrees are not worth anything compared to actually going to a brick and mortar school and taking 4 years going to a classroom with about 50+ other students in them. I don’t think that, but many business does and it’s rather sad, since those who do take classes totally online have a better chance of knowing what they are doing than by sitting in a classroom. Learning is the same. Companies are slow in learning this and only worried about the name instead of the quality of material learned and the interaction. You can’t get a lot of good interaction with a classroom setting. Since you can’t link or see while you’re studying or listening to a lecture. I feel that it’s better to learn online and it’s easier to look up other information that may be relevant to what you’re studying than writing it down to look up later.

If the culture of the IT industry is to make a change in their educational requirements for their incoming workers, they need to look more into those pursuing a degree online. Not all of the schools are bad. Even sending their current employee’s to take a certification class online is helpful. Going to a boot camp isn’t effective if they don’t take the test soon after. Just a thought and something I’m not looking forward to. I rather read the book or summarize the book before taking the test. I learn better that way and it’s tends to be fresher in my mind.


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