Renting -vs- Owning

So I have been trying to buy a house with owner financing that past few weeks, and yesterday I talk to my agent/mediator about buying this house. Well the person who owns the house has been renting it for several years and it’s paid for. Well after talking to him about giving the seller the down payment, he tells my agent that I would need a deposit before I can do anything. Why is this important to Red Sun Development? Well if I have the house, I will be able to finally have a place to put my server in for a future website I’m developing. Minus the website naming fee and registration.
I’m up in arms about the whole ordeal. My wife is on me constantly about it and we have to move by this weekend otherwise I’m without a home. Not to mention I have 3 kids as well that I have to contend with.
I just want a place to live. I can put the website and such on hold, but it will not deter me from what I want to do with Red Sun Development and looking for work within the IT community. I love playing with computers and building them and even working with software and such. It pays a lot better than me cooking for a living. Which is my other skill I am good at.
So I have been renting for several years now and I thought it was time to own a home rather than rent it. Well now it’s come down to this and so far I have a bitter taste in my mouth and it’s not over yet! I want to own so I can network the house for my kids to use Netflix, YouTube, etc and be able to pursue my career with my degree’s I have and working on rather than fix cable. I like the job and the technology, but the environment is rather crappy to say the least. That’s for another posting or my other blog on that subject.
I don’t want to have to move on a day’s notice and also find a place all in one day. I’m the idiot here in telling my soon to be ex landlord that I was moving out on the 15th. Most of the was I didn’t have the rent and needed to tell him something. Either way in hindsight I should’ve thought more about it and went ahead and just gave him the full rent without resigning a new lease. Oh well, I can deal with my wife being mad at me. What I’m really hurting is my kids and being able to provide a place for them to live. Sometimes rash decisions aren’t always the best ones, especially with living arrangements!


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Working on many projects, one who loves to go hiking, cooking,and brewing beer among other things on my off days.

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