Microsoft Self Serving?

I saw this from an email that I followed and thought I would share it. The comments at the end were rather harsh, but true. I have been saying this for a while now. This country is outsourcing our work to way too many places and then we wonder why the economy is so lousy. The industry doesn’t matter. I have even seen it in the auto industry. Most of those jobs are now either in Canada or Mexico. Just in Canada you have easier transportation entry and similar to US standards of shipping than Mexico!
The article shows how a lot of the IT jobs out there are being outsourced to other countries and not being replaced with tech workers here in the US. While this may be true, there is the other aspect of a lot of people in the US are not pursuing this type of work either. We are looking at just having a job or finding something else to do instead. Going back to school isn’t a sensible option if you have to pay when your unemployed! Although this shouldn’t matter if you can get financing. I on the other hand have been applying through career websites, trying to do freelance work, and just learning whatever I can when I can. I even applied to Microsoft and didn’t get a reply back. Which from some of the comments you need skills in .Net more than anything. Certifications are not what they used to be and if you do hold some of them, you still need experience. Which brings us back to the old saying “how do I get experience if I don’t have a job in that field to gain experience”. Well now a days you have to network really hard through social and business networks and start building a portfolio somewhere. I suggest using either a free or paid web hosting service to accomplish this. This way when you do go back and apply to Microsoft or Google or where ever you have the ability to show them your work and what you can do.
Microsoft is a bit self-serving, but they always have been. Hence why it’s the biggest OS out there right now. We want it easy to use a computer and this is what we get for that. We don’t take the time to try to learn a command line type of OS to stop MS from doing the things it does. For me I will keep working on my degree, even thought it may not land me a job right away because of no experience, but at least I still got a job for now working for Comcast as a service tech. I will still try to gain experience through tech support as a freelancer somewhere and eventually pay for my website somehow and actually start developing something to make a buck at.
The outlook to me looks promising, but you do have to put some effort into it. That is why jobs are getting outsourced, Us Americans are getting a bit lazy when it comes to work. We want a specific job and think lower paying jobs are beneath us, even though we may have been unemployed for several months. That’s the problem with the US mindset.

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