New Web Site….

I finally pulled the trigger and set up my own website. This isn’t one of the free website hosting, etc. Even though it’s from a known domain registration site, I should’ve used the Coffee Cup software to help build my website and such. But that don’t really matter. I need to learn how to do Web development anyways. I am thinking of using Notepad++ to do the coding part and some of visual C++ to do a few other things to the page.

Even though the site is Web Development in nature, I am using it mostly for my portfolio. Even if I do decide to start developing pages or apps from it, I will keep it just so that I have a place to show what I know and can do. Since I am still attending school and working full time, it will give me a chance to make a name for myself within the freelancing world.

A good link or site to visit if you are a freelancer is I use this site quite often and so far have been unsuccessful in getting any work. But I also am doing tech support through  . This site enables you to be a tech support in a variety of fields. A few examples are networking setups, computer repair, cable issues, iPod;iPad setups, etc. Pay depends on what you want to charge and the frequency of calls received.

I would recommend if your looking at getting into development of any kind, to either get a web site, free or paid, and get a portfolio going online. This does 2 things.  1) You gain experience admining a web site through index pages, emails, FTP and actual coding  2) You gain experience in being a web  site admin and developer.  Not to mention that you will also learn about a few of the other web programming languages. I would recommend that you only learn a couple that is more popular to start with and have those be your main languages. For example if you code in HTML 3 or 4 and use Java for a few scripts then use those as you main web languages. Then you can learn C# or C++ and PHP or Drupal as other secondary languages. Since many web sites and potential employers will use all of these most often these days. My suggestions also depends on what else you wish to do with Web development. Adobe suite of Photshop, Flash, And CSS also helps, since you may have to be the designer for icons, small pics on the site as well. With that being said I plan on using all of the free software from school that I can use and the paid web site along with WordPress to help build my portfolio and use these programming languages to start being a web developer.

I will post the link to the website once the registration is done and I have a temporary construction web site up to let everyone know that I am working on the site.  I welcome any feedback and help with cleaning up some of my skills in the process. Networking is also something that would be helpful as well. Once the site is up and running I will be posting my Linkedin profile to network with others doing the same thing.



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Working on many projects, one who loves to go hiking, cooking,and brewing beer among other things on my off days.

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