Keeping Steady

This week, after applying to a few jobs, I finally got an interview within my own current company. Which is kind of what I want to do. I know its not IT related and how I rather be doing web pages. It a chance for me to eventually move towards the area where having an IT degree will most benefit me. I am still going to be working on pages in my spare time so that will be a plus. Not to mention that I am also doing support work as well. Hence why I have a web site now and a way for me to showcase my skills and maybe develop a few apps. This might make me a few bucks along the way.
Either way after applying a year and a half for this position I stayed with it. Which in this job search these days, keep with it and use all the tools available to at least get an interview. The test can be by chance, but sometimes you just might get another interview from some where else. You have to remain positive and keep working at it. It will come, unfortunately its not always right away which would be nice. A flood of resumes hiring managers go through is tough to beat, but trimming down the resume might be in order to get the right attention.


About CJaynes

Working on many projects, one who loves to go hiking, cooking,and brewing beer among other things on my off days.

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