Tough times for entry level?

I recently have been having a hard time in getting interviews for entry level jobs. With this economy the way it is, the market is flooded right now. I have friends with senior experience in IT not getting interviews just for a lesser job. They just want to be employed at this point.
My suggestion would be to keep your head up and if you can try to either get the basic certifications. For example A+, and Network+ for starters. This tends to get your foot in the door. Also don’t try to do the IT BOOT CAMPS! It’s a lot of information all at once and tends to not prepare you for the real IT properly. Take a certification class or even get the book and read it and then study it several times then take the test. Most tests are only 150 to 200$ and can be done in an afternoon. Not to mention a lot of testing centers are usually close by.
Which all of this goes without saying to get real experience is to intern or work for a non-profit as a volunteer. Any place you can get experience looks good on your resume. It shows your willing to take the initiative to learn new skills or at least strengthen them. So you see its a two fold approach to gaining skills you may need. Still specialize in one area, but you still need to know about some of the other areas. This is something many System Administrators have to do on a daily basis. I will rewrite part of this post with a few good links that shows what kind of certifications you will need to succeed in the IT field.
Entry level positions right now are mainly looking for recently college grads who may have intern experience and posibble a year or more of paid experience. Having a certification in something related doesn’t hurt either.
One of the reasons why I am working on furthering my network+ certifications. Learning more Java and C for starters.
Keep working at it and learning all you can and it will get better. Freelance if you need some extra money now and then to keep your current skills fresh.


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