Really Obama???

It has come to my attention lately that there is a sort of work stoppage of sorts coming from the president. I guess his lavish paid trip to Martha’s Vineyard on taxpayers expense was a way of fulfilling a dream, even though there was a losing battle in congress about taxing the rich. Look up the recent “Occupy” movement. Which is rather funny that here in Atlanta the local rock station, Project 9-6-1, their morning show, The Kidd Chris Show, did some interviews at the park where the movement is going on and some of their answers are just plain ignorant. They don’t even know how to answer the 1% question. Meaning how much do you need to make in order to a part of the 1%? Many said 500k or at least a Million dollars. Seriously? I was thinking of at least the 50’s or 100’s of millions than that.
So now that our lame duck president is now, not only doing nothing in terms of fixing the issue, he is taking vacations instead of actually fixing the problem.
Hence why I am still trying to find a better job within the IT field and still looking for work at home jobs creating web pages or what ever to help cover what my full time job doesn’t and still manage to go to school and take care of 3 kids. I don’t want a pity party, I just want the economy to pick up. Because that means I can get overtime! At least housing is picking up, but the drawback is that those who have had their houses for several years are either facing forclosure or moving to a cheaper area.

I on the other hand am planning on keep looking for better employment, so I can spend time with my kids more and also plan on providing the needed attention that they need. If worse comes to worse, I plan on trying to buy a small cafe or pizza joint to be my own boss and have a bit more flexibility in how I am a part of a business, instead of having a small voice.


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Working on many projects, one who loves to go hiking, cooking,and brewing beer among other things on my off days.

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