Economy got me down

Well it’s come to the point where I am doing things I don’t want to do. I hate myself a bit for doing it, but I need to feed my kids. i just hope that all works out. I have to thank the slowing of my business and not being able to get overtime anymore. I just hate it that I can no longer provide for my family enough and needing a second job. I guess I can blame the economy for not picking up. It also has to do with how our government is killing the country through taxation and laws that don’t need to be made.
Then you have this Occupy movement and just about 75% of the people there don’t even know how to answer the 1% question. I find it funny that they basically don’t know what they are protesting about. I don’t even know what the movement is really about. I guess that they will have to find somethign better to protest about.
I believe that it will get better, but wonder if it will on the next presidency or within this one. Who is to say how it will work out. I think that everything will get better, but it may need a hard push in order to get there. There are many other things that may need to be addressed. So far getting a second job might be the temporary solution, but I think that what I really need is a better paying job. This economy is not cutting it and will need to be addressed in order to get the country running again.


About CJaynes

Working on many projects, one who loves to go hiking, cooking,and brewing beer among other things on my off days.

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