More applications….

I recently applied to a few more jobs, even though I am still in school. So far they all want someone with Computer Information Systems degree. Mostly for a Bachelor’s degree with experience. Experience that I don’t really have. Or at least that I can put on my resume. Having self taught experience isn’t enough these days. I am trying to get some kind of experience, but I also feel that by having a few certifications would be helpful in the long run. I have friends who work in the IT field and they don’t hold B.A.’s but A.A.S degrees with certifications. So that tells me that companies are mainly looking for certifications instead of actual degrees. Except they do have experience. Hmmm…..interesting concept there.
I will say that even though I am not getting any replies back, I’m still applying to see if I do get a response. I am even applying to jobs through a temp agency to possibly get a job that way. Even if it’s only for a short time, since that would help in gaining experience. My only concern would be once the contract is over with, that I’m left without a job. Not sure I can do that in this economy. I like where I’m at now, but there is some concern about job security with the recent changes in how we do our jobs. So I keep applying to other ones within my own company as well. Maybe I will get lucky and get an interview. All I’m looking for is getting an interview to see how it will work out. Without any rejections letters, it’s making me wonder if they are getting my application. Maybe I need to work harder on my Cover letters. I personally don’t think having a cover letter is important, since most hiring managers don’t look at them, and only look at the 1 page resume’ than the several page one’s. Yet, I think that it is important in trying to convey an important message about getting the job and what kind of personality is being presented to the potential employer.
So I will work on filling out the cover letter page more often and see how that goes. Maybe I need to tweak my resume’ a bit more and actually go to a temp agency in person to fill out one of their applications and get into the system and see what’s out there.


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Working on many projects, one who loves to go hiking, cooking,and brewing beer among other things on my off days.

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