Frustrating testing

I have been a member of an online website, and so far haven’t been able to pass a few of the tests. Even though I can provide support for the company, I cannot pass most of the Geek Squad tests. Very frustrating, when I do know most of the stuff. I do think that by completing some of the tests and providing support that I can make some extra money. So far this is not happening. Frustrating when I could use the experience in this area, not to mention that I also can add this to my resume. Even trying to use Elance for freelance work is rather frustrating. I have made quite a few proposals and so far haven’t been rewarded with anything, yet. I had one that was about putting in ads on Craigslist, that didn’t work out. I think doing that is rather tedious and can be counter productive.
So now I am trying to pursue other avenues of making a few extra dollars, by doing what my degree is centered around. I have found that has a game development program to make a few independent games for their site. So I have started on that, besides working on creating my web site.
Time is a factor right at the moment. I think that since I’m still in school, I will keep applying for jobs in the IT field, but will not get anything until I get my Certifications and take a few tests. How frustrating is that? Very, to say the least. I am trying to study for school and for A+ and Networking+ tests so I can be certified for those and even get a few interviews.
All this testing is frustrating and have been trying in trying to get something set up. I will be getting a book on A+ to study again, since I don’t have the book I once did anymore. My next step is to eventually go and get Cisco certified since most employers are looking for that these days, and ITIL certified as well. I will have to post more about certifications that employers are looking for, will have do some research on this before I post about it.


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Working on many projects, one who loves to go hiking, cooking,and brewing beer among other things on my off days.

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