Cloud Computing

So I was reading a whitepaper from IBM about cloud computing and about some of the security and solutions with it. I was mainly doing it because I wanted to enter for a netbook, for one of my kids. Although after reading about half of it, I can see how even from IBM standpoint how they could benefit from it, but others as well.

I have been noticing a lot of companies starting to use cloud services. I can see how the online streaming companies could use this for their volumes of data. Whether it being movies and music, or just applications that can be more quick to access than logging in a centralized server. Which my current company is using both. We have a centralized server for us service techs in our state, but get updates from the region now and then. Even some of the provisioning services are now cloud based. Which makes it easier for us to repair or provision a modem, phone modem without having to call in to get it done. I can see how some of the other applications will be moved to cloud services in order to free up server space and resources that would otherwise taking up a lot of the financial parts of the balance sheet.

There is even basic cloud services out there. One being and even some from is another one, with more added features. I use dropbox quite a bit for when I am putting in applications and can’t use a flash drive or on the company computer that has no way to use a flash drive. Some ISP’s are even offering cloud type services as well. Comcast has something similar in how you can watch movies on a personal laptop to take with you, but your still using your own network. Slingbox gives you the means to watch what’s on your slingbox from anywhere. Having an IP address to access a lot of your movies and music and other personal items, is helpful to always be on the go and still have access to your data.

With cloud services being used more and more, security will be an issue, but shouldn’t affect the other OSI layers if used correctly. I can see how managed services will be more scrutinized for security and have keys in order to reach their destination. Security IT fields will see a slight jump, but the focus will be those already in the field to obtain or learn more about cloud security practices, in order to keep data safe.

Once I learn more about this type of service, I will post some more about it. I like the fact that I don’t have to store a lot of information on my computer or server, freeing up for better services elsewhere.


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