Time to Code…..

I can see how many things can be difficult and hard to learn.  For me nothing is further from the truth than trying to learn OOP or Object Oriented Programming. I can learn HTML fine, but do need to learn more about XML and HTML5. Which shouldn’t be all that hard anyways since they are similar, but just have more enhancements to it.

Since I am taking classes for web and game development, through DeVry so far it’s been slow going since I am doing all the non core classes first, then will be getting into that soon enough. I am going to be learning C++ and HTML  and also some Java. I have started on trying to learn Java for now, but will need some instruction. HTML is far easier, since I am already familiar with it. I may need to get the book or cheat sheet again from Dreamincode.com and go download it again. They have all sorts of cheat sheets or reference sheets that can help those who can’t remember what tags does what or just need a handy reference in syntax.

So, by stating that I need to put forth more effort in learning to code, I am also thinking of quitting my job with good benefits and such, to go to school full time and also stay at home with the kids. This is mostly to help them and take care of them, since things have started to get out of control and I need to be there for them to get them back on track. Mostly it’s because of school and how they treat each other. While I am staying at home, I will be working on a few projects. I will be working on my website more, and also trying to create a few games on Kongregate.com, since it’s like a youtube for independent games. At least you can get money from contests, and by plays or hits to the game itself. So I am looking forward to creating a few simple games, mainly to get a feel for how the build engine works (Stencyl Works) and even the underlying code as well. Which is nice since it gives me the option to see how the code is laid out or coded in order for me to see how it all works. I can’t wait to devote more time to it. I will post a current example of what I am working on now just to show what’s in store. It will be on my web page under projects pretty soon. So I am looking forward to having the time to do a lot of these things and start real hard on freelancing my skills for work, while I am building on them as I go along.


About CJaynes

Working on many projects, one who loves to go hiking, cooking,and brewing beer among other things on my off days.

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