Got a few new leads!

The other day I got a few leads on creating some new web pages. I can’t wait, I am looking forward to starting to work on pages and find more time to work on them and other things. I am still going to be doing some independent games through and such, but so far, I have to work on school first. I think that by at least doing some cut and paste work for a bit, to get used to the overall look, but I will still work on customizing a few other things in the mean time. Mostly to relearn HTML again.

Ever wonder how much the code has changed, but you strip it down, and you still with the essence of the code. I have coded a page using Notebook++ and used the basic tags of HTML and it looked just as good as the updated code and tags!

So now I have to work on a few quick pages and get something up and running and go from there. I think I could make a few bucks at it and see how it goes.  Now to find a part time job to go to school full time and have more time to work on my pages and my website/portfolio. I will be coding in the midnight hours on this one! Stay tuned and I will get those cheat sheets posted on here soon!


About CJaynes

Working on many projects, one who loves to go hiking, cooking,and brewing beer among other things on my off days.

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