WiFi Tweaks from Yahoo

Here is a link in which to boost your WiFi signal in your home. I recommend doing a few of these to help with signal. I use a few of these when I work as a cable installer. Most of the time I’m dealing with large homes, so it can be tricky to get a good signal to all the areas. I tend to recommend using an extender for upstairs or downstairs when needed, since any home larger than 2100 sq ft will have a hard time with signal through walls and furniture.


There are times where I don’t have that luxury in which to do that. Installing the high-speed internet can be tricky since I’m at the mercy of where the cable outlet is and usually the router is within close proximity of the modem. Ethernet patch cords are only so long. I also don’t recommend gateways since their range tends to be shorter and usually have internal antennae’s than the older ones with external antennae’s.

I have put to use my Networking degree to use since finishing school for it. There has been a few times in which I needed to do a few internal tweaks to it in order to get the network to work correctly. A good example of this is when you are using a computer that has XP on it and all the others are either using Vista or Windows 7 and when you secure a network you can’t use the new PSK encryption. XP does not respond to it, nor will it recognize it. You still have to use the WEP encryption, In my opinion, I would use the 128 bit one with the 26 character hexidecimal key. This provides good protection and security, but not quite as good as the newer PSK encryption, Since XP cannot be updated for the newer encryption, unless it’s the professional version and has been tweaked by a programmer or administrator. Which means if it’s at home, that is about nil and none! There are other ways that XP can be secured, by using the firewalls on the router and within the OS itself. This eliminates any worry about having breaches of security and lost data or information from your network.


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