End of an era….

I saw this article the other day it was rather interesting article. I would have to say that Apple knew what they were talking about. The article in question is: http://www.techcareersblog.com/2011/11/adobe-pulls-plug-on-flash.html.
I think this is rather unfortunate, but also relieved at the same time. In the article Steve Jobs mentions that Flash “is like bundled up mess of spaghetti” Which in looking at the code a few times and actually trying to do CSS code snippets using it, that it’s a mess!
I recently thought about doing some flash work, for a game but thought better about it. I am glad that I thought better about it. I think Java is the new way to go. Since Flash tends to be rather long winded at times, although some of the other programming languages can be like that. I see how Java can be stripped down a bit and made to run smoother and faster with more features than having a lot of useless code.
I will surely miss some of the things flash can do, but also glad that there will be no more updates for it! You always had to close out programs to update. Unlike some Java installations, and MS products.
I see how Apple chose not to use it or even attempt to bring it into the Unix environment. Although there will be those who rely on it way too much, to be already crying. Quit crying and move over to Java and learn a few things from Google and what they are doing to shrink the code into something most of us like to call Android!
Kidding aside, I think that there will be new advances in how things are being developed and what programming languages are going to be at the forefront of this new era. HTML5 looks like it will be a future in which can take over where Flash left off and even lessen the use of CSS as well. Time will only tell to see how it will change the digital landscape!


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