Is it a trend or not?

I am not sure how this thought came into my head, but I’ve notice how there seems to be a lot of PHP developers overseas. Mostly from India, with nearby countries thrown in. It got me wondering about, if I should learn PHP or is it on its way out. The reason why I bring this up is that I have been seeing a lot of developers who freelance with this skill at the top. It also make me believe that software development in general might be shifting away from PHP and more into OOP again.

It’s funny how you tend to notice how this kind of trend is shifting or not. While India may have just as many developers as the US, it does makes you wonder where the development is really coming from. There have been several articles about this subject recently over the past 9 months. I don’t think the trend is needing PHP, all the C’s, Java or even needing a database developer to code. IT is shifting as a whole. They now want someone who can do it all. Long gone are the days of being a niche type developer. Although there wasn’t much programming languages back then either!

I have been on several job boards, and sent in countless resume’s to no avail. They all seem to be flooded with PHP developers. Now I never knew that doing web developing or design you had to use PHP. It must be the database to web relationship that everyone seems to be looking for. While I on the other hand start to question my choice in fields, since it’s becoming way too crowded to even use my degree affectively.  I will look more into PHP, but I’m still going to stick with Java and C++. I feel the Java is going to be the new Operating System programming language.  Android uses it for their smartphones, why not? Can be cleaner code and faster running.

With all of this in my head, and not trying to offend any programmers or Indians for that matter, I just notice that and thought I would share the thought. On one interview, I talked to a woman who coded extensively in PHP and she was from India. I asked her about that and she told me that they did mostly back-end stuff, and database building. Basically she stated that they only did a section of code and the rest of the team did their part and then put it all together. Really? Is this how companies want to run a business with more employee’s doing what only a handful can do and faster? I’m all for giving  anyone a job, but that’s a lot of money going out the window that could be better spent elsewhere.

I did learn from that experience, since it was my first interview for this type of work. I know to work on my resume a bit more. Keep working on learning my Java, HTML5, C++ and others, and even find a way to not cave in to PHP, even if I was asked to do a WordPress web page. I’d rather do Drupal than that!


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