Time for Flash to end…..

With HTML 5 soon to be in business across the many browsers that are out there, its time for Flash to finally end it’s buggy reign. I came across a tweet in how you can add a video for a background on a page and said to myself, that would be cool for a good music site of a band or store. Well that wasn’t the case when I looked at it further. It mentioned that you did need the video ID, no surprise there, but that you needed a Flash object to be up to date within the browser. Really?!? I wasn’t impressed now. Which this told me that I am going to be using something that will not load correctly on an Apple machine, furthering my lost chances of keeping the reader and viewer occupied within my page. 

There is other alternatives that uses Jscript out there, and I did find a few that would be helpful in using. One site that is using HTML 5 and all of the issues that may come into play with the browsers out there right now is http://html5please.us/ . This site goes over all the details,(and upgrades) of what HTML 5 can do. Right now, as it stands, Firefox is the only browser out there that can bascially handle almost all of the tags that HTML 5 has. Including most of the API’s as well. 

With this being said and i gave you the link for more information about this, since it’s still being under review before it’s going to be implemented onto the internet scene, I suggest you do look at W3Schools website( www.w3schools.com ) and have a look for yourself.  I can not be happier that even though Flash was nice and made many things look like art, it’s underlying spaghetti mess of code will no longer be around and that HTML 5 and the new JScript is making it easier to add the look and feel of Flash in a more stable coding platform! 



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