The dynamics of freelancing……

Have you ever notice, well those who are or have been freelancing for a while now, that you seem to be working more than if you were actually in a cubicle all day? Yes you have a more flexible way of doing your work, even in your pajama’s if you wish, but seriously are you getting anywhere? With going to work you do get to see outside a bit now and then!

I haven’t been getting much work, but that is mostly because I am going to school full-time and trying to get a job part-time to make ends meet for a bit till I can get my development business off the ground. I will say that since I do come from an artistic and crafty family that I have been busy home brewing beer again(finally after a 6 month hiatus!) and making some candles and other things.

I may not be good at everything I do, but I do have ambition and determination to keep pushing to finally make it as a web developer. I know that it’s getting flooded with all the PHP developers that seems to be fouling up the job market at a cheaper price, but I also have some other programming experience as well. I did mention in a few other posts that I have been teaching myself JAVA and C++ when I can find time. I will be taking them in school soon enough, but the biggest one seems to be HTML 5 that is due to come out. While everyone is looking for HTML 5 now there isn’t much difference than 4.01 except it’s a much cleaner and robust code with better options for creating web pages than before. You no longer have to use Flash! Yes! I have seen a lot of code written in Flash and can’t imagine why it stayed as long as it did. I will say that I liked how it looked when you saw the finished product, but was so buggy when it did run in any browser.

Since freelancing as an IT contractor for another company, I have at least gotten a lot faster response for work, since I do hold an Associates of Arts degree in IT/Networking and several years of cable service work for the largest cable company. I have that experience and even some of my skills from way back when playing with various hacking tools that are no longer worth using or just plain archaic! Yet, I still manage to find what I am looking for when weeding through all of the jobs on a few freelance sites I belong to that don’t involve cheap rates for CAPTCHA’s and Craigslist ads! Most I have seen just want you to work on something for WordPress or PHP for some strange reason, but there is good work to be had that involves actual development work for either a page or part of an item on the page that needs to be developed or updated.

Got to love freelancing, while you can make your own coffee without having to worry if it will be gone or not made yet, you can at least troll Facebook or play words with friends all you want without have the IT guy looking over your shoulder!


About CJaynes

Working on many projects, one who loves to go hiking, cooking,and brewing beer among other things on my off days.

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