Tutorial: Take your minimalist web design from Photoshop to HTML, part 3 | TechRepublic

Tutorial: Take your minimalist web design from Photoshop to HTML, part 3 | TechRepublic.

This tutorial is very helpful for those wanting to add a nice contrasting type of footer. You can use this to have a cleaner place in which to add your links for other blogs you take care of or even to other pages for more information. This is a good section in which to add your links to other pages within your website and help those who do visit your page how to participate in your blogs and other things going on.

Since this is the third part of this series, I will locate the other parts and post the links in a comment. I feel that those who are learning about the web development process and looking to just make a good clean page that is easy to navigate.

I, personally have been trying to gain entry into the web development business. So far it’s been slow going, mostly because I don’t have any work type experience. I also don’t have the favorite HTML 5 experience that everyone else seems to have, nor the PHP that India seems to be overflowing with lately. I am learning HTML 5 now, since I already know about the earlier versions and have been dealing with it since 1999! I first made a page when I first started my generic website through Yahoo when they had page builder. I love how the process is and how it brings forth such information through a browser.

In my opinion this tutorial just takes that step closer for anyone to start designing their own pages without the having to hire someone. Even though I may be talking myself out of a job, I still want to help those that are willing to find the time to take care of their pages. You hire a web developer when you can’t do the upkeep or have enough time to redesign the whole thing and need a cleaner look. Hiring a web designer takes out the need to find a graphics designer, programmer, web developer, etc. They already have those contacts already.

Take from this a way to spice up the bottom of your page and have a cleaner look and have a more professional look to your page.


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