Still using a Fax machine?!?

Ok, all you businesses that are using the latest technology out there. Why are you still using a fax machine to have clients and such to send you things when a simple email with self-zipping attachments be a lot easier??? If you’re using such great technology elsewhere, why a fax machine?

In my opinion they should be destroyed on the spot and no longer used. A scanner with a DPI of 600 is photo worthy copying and can make your pages look so much better than through a blurry fax still using dang 14.4k dial up speed! Seriously, why on earth would you still want something that is archaic instead of something you can get receipt information. With email or even using cloud type of service like Dropbox, SkyDrive and Google Cloud Storage, would you need to use such things? If you already have a smart phone and use it regularly then what’s the deal?

The way I can see using a fax machine is because the places that tend to use them the most, have limited budgets and don’t want the hassle of actually getting up from their desk, to have to retrieve their printed page from the printer(when it might be in their office), than going down to the room where the fax machine is actually in. Which if it’s a government type of facility then it’s usually in the records room. Not to mention that you do have to sit and wait for all of the pages to


go through the fax machine, meaning your loosing productivity since your waiting on the pages to be downloaded and sent, literally bit by bit, than by megabytes. This also doesn’t mean that you are going to have all those pages sent correctly or have a few dropped. Which then means you have to re-fax them the missing pages.

I sense a loss of productivity here, that the US and a lot of businesses are either creating or the enablers of this crazy contraption in being still produced. I try to fight it if I can, and on numerous occasions I have called and ask the company about using a fax machine when an email is better. I asked that since just about all your email clients have been updated recently over the past several years in being able to unzip a document if it’s already zip when it was sent. Like in the case of Google Docs, you just have to click on it and it will open it through their if you have a Gmail account. Even Hotmail has this ability! This was one of the reasons why I went to Gmail is to use the Google Docs feature.

Yet, businesses are still using faxes and making us pay about a 1$ per page, and then having the risk of not all of it being sent. I even used my last employers printer, which is a big Xerox one with networking and such for a large office to scan my pages and then fax them to somewhere, and it worked out great for the most part. I didn’t have to pay the 1$ a page or most of the time didn’t send any blurry pictures of the scanned pages either. Still had the issue with missing pages, since it had to dial a phone number connected to the fax and pray that the phone number wasn’t disconnected or down.

I have a scanner and use it quite regularly in order to send documents to places that need it. I just call and make sure that I can email them the information before I attempt to fax it to them. This way I know it will get to them, since most of the time email doesn’t drop a page or two when being sent somewhere, it just might drop a part of the packet and part of the page will be missing something and not the whole page!

My suggestion for anyone thinking of the same thing is to start asking if you can email them instead of faxing the pages. If you are a business then I suggest you start hitting your fax machine with a softball bat immediately and say that if you want my info, send me a Self Addressed Envelope or give me an email address to send it. Lets keep the mail service in operations with the sent mail and the few email companies (other than Outlook) going as well.


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