Servers and social media

While I was getting off of work, during the Super Bowl, it was fine to tweet and such. It was a problem once I  got home and to check in for what I was drinking and other apps on my Droid phone.

Even Untappd was apologetic for their server issues and trying to get a badge or even check in. While drinking during the Super Bowl is not uncommon, it seems that some businesses that have apps on a platform like Droid or iOS seems to have some sort of server issue from all the people trying to access it. I am not sure how cloud services would help in that, but from this Super Bowl it sure does seem that Social Media has gotten a bit more involved with big events more than….say last year. Even though Twitter has been around for a few years, they didn’t have too many issues, but also knew in advance to what may happen. Biz Stone was smart to use all resources for server management. I am not sure about how Untappd dealt with that, but they are working on it. I even asked them about letting me help them about it.

I think that cloud management or even Cloud as a service is something that needs to happen. Except that nobody has any real answers to how to use that. I have been thinking of how I can create a small server in my home to use for computing power and storage for others on the internet…as a cloud! It’s been suggested in shows and even video games! An example is in Star Trek: The Next Generation about using cloud computing and in Mass Effect for how a hive type mind works using the computing power to create a cloud like exsistence in order to use that computing power for dealing with large amounts of data.

I can see how cloud computing, using trace amounts of space on everyone’s computer to store data and all kinds of other information to put it in a basic metaphor like throwing a book in a lake. Something that everyone can access, what’s in the lake and around the lake. To have this kind of cloud computing would bring so much computing power to everyone that they only need a small computer to access it!

I am trying to find a way to figure that out, but I am sure that I am not the only one thinking of this. I sometimes wish that I could get in touch with others thinking of this to maybe throw out my ideas. I may not have a degree dealing with this kind of thinking, but sometimes going to school doesn’t always have this kind of thinking. Free realm of thinking is what drives technology and advancements in social engineering.

I will keep up with this thought, even in my other blog, as to see how others think of this. I am sure that the consensus is that if they don’t use any social media besides hollering or just physical visiting that using any digital technology would be lost and that they would either be prepared for all electronic devices to go down or be left behind.

While I sometimes take a day or two to just unplug when I can, it can be hard. I do sometimes miss the old telephone system without caller ID or voicemail. I see that I need to go hiking more often, to leave the cell phone behind. Yet I love the technology, but still need to connect with nature more than just an app!


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