Google ChromeBook

My girlfriend bought a new chrome book, the one without the SSD (solid state drive). So far far it has performed rather well. Since it don’t have all the extra stuffing that Windows tends to have, it starts up real fast, and have a few things that windows don’t have. Android works flawlessly with it! I logged into my account through it and it pulled up all my saved pages and other stuff from my phone without hesitating.

Now mind you Windows finally entered the cell phone market a few years ago, but Google and its Android OS have been doing it for several years now. Even Apple don’t really swap info quite like this. Google has been on the forefront of such technology being available across different devices. Security is still there and good, so no worries about that, while even having a cloud storage for any sort of data being there when you start an account is also great. I do see that there are limits to what apps are running on the Chromebook  but that is slowly gaining steam every day. For general use like doing documents or presentations are there. Google made sure that there docs and other office applications are able to be assimilated with Apple and Windows without any real issues. Which is what makes the Chromebook a better choice for students to get work done, without having an issue with other distractions. A GUI(graphic user interface) is simple and menu based, but not chaotic like Windows can be.

This isn’t an unbiased review of the Google Chromebook, but what I have seen so far using it. I still have my Windows laptop, but that is mostly for work and developing. So far I haven’t seen if the Chromebook can do any developing, will have to check out the Play store and find out. I would recommend it if you looking for a cheap alternative to a laptop without having the need to put in a CD or DVD into a laptop! The Chromebook is here to take advantage of Cloud computing while it’s in it’s infancy and all the apps through the play store since having any external media, besides USB sticks is becoming obsolete  A good showing to how cloud computing can be used and Google is driving the bus for now!


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